Fact Sheet


Lonely Mountains: Downhill



Megagon Industries

Based in Berlin, Germany


Release Date:

Beginning/Mid 2018



Racing, Arcade, Action, Downhill, Mountain Biking






Unity 5










Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a Downhill Mountain Biking Game for PC focusing on responsive and fun controls, an open level design and an untouched nature in a beautiful low poly style.



Just you and your bike - take it on a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape. Make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash - all the way from the peak to the valley!



  • Custom Bike Physics: We developed a custom bike physics system to achieve very tight and fun controls while still incorporating the feeling of driving a downhill bike through rough terrain.
  • Seamless Tracks: Ride all the way down from the top of the mountain to the valley in one seamless ride with no loading times.
  • Find Your Way: Play it safe and follow the trail or take the risk and go cross-country to find the fastest way down.
  • See The World: Travel to different mountainscapes and experience a beautiful nature untouched by men. No audience, no barrier tapes – just you and your bike.
  • Secret Locations: Explore the mountains to find secret locations and unlock new skins and gear.
  • Beautiful Low-Poly Style: The game combines low poly art with modern lighting and post-effects to achieve a stylized and unique look.

Further Features: (Most of them not yet implemented so please take them with a grain of salt. They might not find their way into the game)

  • Weather System: Ride your bike through wind, rain and snow.
  • Dynamic Day & Night System: Start your ride in the middle of the night and feel the sun rising when you reach the valley.
  • Ghosts: Play against your own ghosts in your hunt for the best-time.
  • Replay & Share System: Rewatch your best actions and your funniest fails and share them with the community
  • Rider & Bike Customization: Customize your rider and bike after your own taste.
  • Unlock & Progression System: Strive for the best times to unlock new game modes, modifiers and tracks.


Selected Press Quotes & Articles

[...]the mountain biking game I never knew I needed - PCGamer.com

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game that looks really chill. - Kotaku.com

[...]it’s one to keep an eye on, and it looks great too. - RockPaperShotgun.com

Lonely Mountains promises to live up to its namesake[...] - IndieGames.com

Mountains are incredible things[...] - HardCoreGamer.com






Logos & Icons

About Megagon Industries

Megagon Industries is an independent studio from Berlin, founded in 2013 by Jan Bubenik, Severin Brettmeister and Daniel Helbig. Since then the studio has released two successful mobile games - … and then it rained and Twisted Lines - and Daniel and Jan are now working on their first PC title Lonely Mountains: Downhill. They have also partnered up with Martin Wiese for the audio design who also worked with them on their previous titles.








  1. Controls: We will support controller, mouse and keyboard - however we recommend a game controller for the best experience.
  2. Early Access: We’re not sure yet if the game will get an instant full release or early access first. With so many people asking to play the game although it’s still in pre-alpha, early access in one way or the other get’s more and more likely.
  3. Price: We haven’t settled for a price yet. Probably something between $15 and $20, but it will depend on the final feature set and the amount of content.
  4. Streams/Twitch/Youtube: Currently we don’t give out a demo for public streaming. We’re still doing a lot of local playtests to see what players like about it (or don’t) and due to its early stage it is not 100% bug-free. But you can still write us an email or contact us through social media, if you want to stream the game in the future and we’ll put you on our streamer/youtuber list.
  5. Open World: This game will not be a classic open world game (as we are two people and all the levels are handcrafted) however we want you to be able to explore the levels and choose your own path down the mountain - either on the main track, “official” shortcuts or just cross-country as you like.
  6. Customization: We definitely want to have that for bike & rider, however it will be purely for the look. We have decided not to change the behavior (like the physical properties) of the bike, since it would either make balancing the tracks super difficult or the range of customization too small. Of course we will also have a female rider to choose.
  7. Third / First Person Camera: We know a lot of people are asking for this but we tested that and decided against it. Here’s some of our reasoning behind it:
    1. A bird view is better in our opinion for a game which mostly goes downhill. If the camera is third or first person you always have no idea what’s behind the next brink or hill. Third person action games often solve that with more or less hard 180° camera transitions when you climb over the brink (or letting you manually control the camera) while racing games avoid the situation mostly by having a much more flat level design with wider roads and less obstacles than we have.
    2. You also need to know if there are more obstacles behind the one you’re currently facing which is hard with a camera behind you or through a first person view. In third person the rider also blocks the view on things right in front your bike.
    3. Also you have to take a lot of hard turns and brakes in the game. Using a chasing camera for this feels either very dizzy when it’s highly responsive or gives a lot of camera troubles when it moves very smoothly.
    4. We got very good feedback for the camera behavior from our playtesters as it works really well with our control scheme.
    5. Last but not least: The graphic style works best with a bird view. Low poly doesn’t really shine if you speed through it from a first person perspective.
  8. Multiplayer: We would really love to support multiplayer! A local multiplayer / splitscreen mode is more likely at the moment, but maybe an online multiplayer could be added later. However no promises again - we will have to see how that works out!
  9. Language Support: The game will support multiple languages, however we haven’t decided on which ones we will include. 
  10. Music / Audio Design: Although we decided to put some music in the trailer - the actual gameplay will have a very pure audio experience. Its focus lies on the sounds of the bike riding with different speeds on the various ground types, the reactions of the rider based on your playstyle and the nature and animals around you.
  11. Consoles: We would really like to bring the game to all major consoles in the future (Switch included) as they would be a natural fit for the game but at the moment we’re concentrating on the PC version first.
  12. Mobile Version: There are no concrete plans for a mobile version at the moment. Who knows what the future will bring, but right now PC - and maybe consoles - are our priority.  
  13. Linux Support: We would really like to! Unity does support Linux, however we have not yet tested it - so there is a good chance, but we cannot promise it right now.